Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Vera Kistiakowsky, June 7, 1971, page 1

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          Juno 7, 1971

Ha. Vora liatiakowuky

fiaaoaohuaetts Institute of ‘fnojmology
laboratory for mcloar Science
Cambridge, ltaseaohusottoo 02139

Bear 30. Kiutiakowslqz

Iour latter of Kay 20 to Barnard Gallop has been 1-eforrod to no,
Educated Hanan. The main focus or our wort no the rolntionship batman
the collage and the odutntod wmon no longer a part. of the collage, which
I hope will be of interest to you.

You may also have bun thinldng or the Barnard-Ooltmbia Rename
Liberation roport, mad: in 1969, on the status or wall! mach; tho various
Einiversitiou divisions. ‘lhat report», along with 9. great deal of other
invnlnablo information. is px-intod in the two-vvolmu transcript. of the
hearings or Edith Green’: nub-ccnnittoo of the House Ocnmittoo on
Education and Iabor into discrimination against women in tho academic

In any event, I hqu onclonodfiwo copies of my Task Force report.
We are moving ahead rapidly on some or its rocommndations, and I would
very much appreciate knowing what tho American Physical Buddy committee
on women in Physics might. be thinking or doing.


Catharine R. Stimpaon
Agsiatant Professor of Englioh