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Affirmative Action
Panel Named by ACE

Council President Logan Wilson this week appointed a special committee that will seek the cooperation of top HEW officials in setting guidelines for regional offices in the matter of affirmative action programs. Derek C. Bok, president of Harvard University, will serve as chairman of the ACE Affirmative Action Committee.
Members are Robben W. Fleming, president of the University of Michigan; Martha Peterson,/ president
of Barnard College and chairman of the Council; Terry Sanford, president of Duke University; and
Clifton R. Wharton, Jr., president of Michigan State University.

President Wilson said establishment of the committee formally was requested by the Association of American Universities at its last meeting. He said the committee will seek an early meeting with HEW Secretary Elliot L. Richardson and Stanley J. Pottinger, director of HEW’s Office for Civil Rights.

The committee will follow up earlier efforts by higher education representatives who have sought cooperation of HEW officials in establishing uniform guidelines relating to enforcement of race and sex discrimination regulations. ' (From ACE's Nov 19th Newsletter)

The representatives of five institutions which are themselves not in compliance with HEW guidelines cannot be expected to represent the aggrieved women and minority persons the guidelines are designed to protect. We deplore what seems to be collusion between the ACE and vested interests in‘ the university world, and we‘ demand that Logan Wilson dissolve the "Committee."