Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Mary McMahon, regarding enrollment in Women's Studies courses, July 28, 1971, page 1

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 sfialen bits!-inhon, Registrar
Catharim Stimpacn, chaimxan, woman’: ‘Canter

Enmllnmut in Woman‘: Ju1y28, 19?!
Studies Goux-sea

I have bun getting inquiriali fz-am
pecpla at Taacharéi {foliage about ways
in which they can entail in out Women‘:
Stadium court“. Gould yau tell me:

1) If they can entail; and 2) It may
V-can gm: cradit £91“ doing 34:.

My phone than days is 516-£p77-1320
and my adérnu is c/o aaneral lleiivery,

fiasc Marion, New York 11939. I look

forward to haaring firm yau.

bc: Ms. Stimpson]