Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Margaretha Espersson, June 28, 1971, page 1

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June 28. 1971

H3. Mrxaretha Raperueen
Dean‘: Offiee

General studies

Qeluflbia 0nivera1ty

Dear Nargarethaz

I an aerry not to have written sooner, but events have been

moving quickly at larnnri, aui each time I began to write, my
none would be eutnefndete.

Briefly. I hat a chance to talk to Kiss Petoraea utter our
lunch. whioh been Jane fieuld and I engeyei very much. she seemed
to be teatrkive to the notion of co-eyoration between Barnard an:
General stuiiee in areas relevant to women. At the .31 of the
term. I was also appointed Acting chairman or the Executive
committee or tho women's center. A committee which 15 to include


Ae I reconstruct our donvereamien, ee~eperat1on between our
schools sens meet feasible 1n these areas:

1) we can. 1: our committees on Iuatructimn agree,
sen! out joint course description in the field of Women's
Studies; '

2) If 65 can not up a day-care center. perhaps lax-nard
atuaenta can work there on a werkretuly program;

33 Our ceuneeiling offices can.em¢hen;e pregrauo,
infernntien, and iieaa; Iarard, for oxanplg, has . ‘feat

deal of experieace in setting up meetings between elunnae and

....s.a§“ §"2n£%%"'1:°“.£uP&°%%‘%':.§3“§}§§'£:"§1.& ‘é:uR€'%€I.9€%"%““‘
meeting to speak to us all. In any event, I leek forward to
talking to you again. lave a seed summer.


§%§’:‘.i‘§§§€ §I».§§§‘§‘£3’3: