Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Alexander Stein, regarding remarks for the Joint Barnard-Columbia Trustee Committee, April 22, 1971, page 4

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.:Pazo 4

'ioth oovoduéntion and a profound concern far the education of waaanoox

?h1a uakoa no pessimistic. Yet we might think or a university which '

V Ehaa several undergraduato units; at least one of which will ac£*witho

Legoaial aoriousnous on tho oiucation of women until the tint when_aush
V Vapncialoaariauanoaa is no longer necoasnry. It would to an aét of‘ >1
. ~ good tnith to nako.tho doan who might superviao all such undergraduate?
V-nnita a woman.‘ ‘ » o ‘A M,m. ._ '


L”,o§o§1a«andVaovornnuco, ayonaerhd by the American Acaaomy of Arts ana g
o 86103093. issued 1n‘Janary of thig year: o V'»Vo ~~

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.~;o $§\nightjhl§o road tho First Report of the Aasonbly on fiuivéréig} I

’ problems. oagmnoe lightly to abandon their identity: _
This is particularly no when many co-educatiena1o' VA_V
iuatitutions contindo to be ma1e4oriohted. Few hav¢'“~ “ protect or further the position of woman. ‘
I'M rroawt ’=°ni°nc:r.. which is to eliminate wmems « ‘  2 " ‘ 
collagen. may be unfortunate. Schemes for co-educat1qnoV ‘ M

V at wooowa aha moms colleges are rayidly gaining 1'avor;’f" V

Vinny at chad proposals ay be 11l—aoneeivsfl. Theo _
boncern on the hart of some institutions to be in faabien
r1aka.tha loan of a pfirpoao that may not be easily ’ ‘
geoovarod.'(1) V ‘ ' *

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