Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Alexander Stein, regarding remarks for the Joint Barnard-Columbia Trustee Committee, April 22, 1971, page 3

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fihge 3.

27% of the fullvtimo instructors. 1#% of the uasistant profoaaora, 9%
Q1 the associate pretaaaora, 4% of the full pofessers, anfi lesa than

 .: thé flayartmqntal. Qhérhoa. .

3V % VL Harvard is another case in paint. Fur all intents and pnrpusas a
yrivatg. co-aducasiennl university. it keeps a maxi» sf abautLf1va men
:9 every one woman anon; ita graduate and undargradunte studantau“ IR
1959-1970. on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 20.5% of the teaching T
~ follows were wsnon. 16.7% of the instructaa. 4.6% of the assistant
nrofeaaora. 0.0% of the aaboc1ato~protaeacrs, and 0.0%‘af the fu11V V
vlafoasora. At Golunbia Hnivoraity. apart tram Barnard. 1053 than’
53% at the tenure! graduate faculty profasaora are wemen.

Inaoparabla frnn tha.myth that wqmoa cannut be comyetant inte1lectu&1s,
even after oducatian. is the myth that women cannot work. excuyt at heme.
one result in the scarcity of wanna in profesuiona; schaolg. In 1966-6?.
for axamplo; only 8.3% or Amatba'a medical students were women. finather
result ia«aonon1c iieoriainatlon against women. In 1968 the median waga
for professional and technical wouah was $6,691; fat man 810.151. flaky
8% of the non who wanted fulletinn in 1968 oannnd less than $3.060; 20%
of the wanna d1d._ 28%-of the men who warkcd fullutima in 1968 eavnefi

‘’ A V ‘ uver 310.000; on13:5% otatho wonan.d1d. Still another result is tum

, routine k1n& sf Jobs women-gut. 34% of an working women £9 clerical

!  L ’ tasks. In 1966. 19% of inn onpluyeg women with faur years at collega

5 _ rate no more than aervice warkcrs, operatives; sales at clerical warkarm.
‘I3 br1n£,,we sand women English majors nut into the werld ta type mwnfm
vnaos. ; ' ~ ‘

Dosyito all this, women do fiork. and work more sften. Betwaan 194? V
and 1968 the number of wmmon in the civilian labar forca increased ?5%.
the number of man 16%.


Evidence suggests that we are wasting the taleda of wwmen as well

roduplicato the failures and the blindness 0f the paat? Or will ifié
é xlnuinely guarantee that it will avaid its own patterna sf fiiaa%im1natiwn?

‘ W111 it, a center of cenaciausnoaa, change our cmnaaiouunesa of wwman? %

Lw111 it provide god bounsolling far wmmen to help them clarify tbs

confusing signals aaciety has given them abaut their educatien? will it

yrovidc role ugdala for weuaastudonts and adaquata oppartunities for

wanen scholars? will it bring pressure ta bear upon profaasienal schools’.
Van! anloyera ta alter their attitudes and practices?

I 5°°Vf¢W Public signs that Cblumbia Collage wishes tn infititutionalito



Las bolitting than. will Columbia. planning ca-educatian, simply iv ‘