Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Alexander Stein, regarding remarks for the Joint Barnard-Columbia Trustee Committee, April 22, 1971, page 1

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$0}. Alexander Stein


’rrnn; Catharine Stxmpsen. English Department, Bnrnmré College

n§£e§ April 22, 1971

eguhfiectx Reuarka for the Jeint Barndrd~Celqmb;a Trustee Cemmittea

Lififielieve that men end wane: belong in the same claasreem. Hear1y_

v9§§wetVweeen undergradnatea'are today in oeeeddcatienal inatitutiene.

eloarnang that the drali might reduce the number of men applying ta aarvarae

fififi segregated edhcatien has tenfled to reinforce unhaypy aexual .
Stereotypes: fer keys that the mind is a male fertreas, fer girls that

Vthe mind is alien to the real business of their livoa.

Yet I question a aergei between Barnard uni Columbiaecbllege. IL

V eent te raise an issue that particularly cencenna me and that seems to

have been inadequately explored during the talks abent Barnard and

Vecelunbia. celumbia University, like ether largely male universitiea. A _e
like meant ee~educatieun1 universities, hue shown itself ta he V ~ ~

.1n§ena1t1vafte tfiekcegplexities e£“oducating wemen.=te the ski11eLe!=
tyfifeducatei woman. and to the fuuctieh of a woman's college. egse ~

VA;¢up3ee1 yen-known. en May 11, 1970. tfie women's Equity Actien Leaguee
die file charges of sex disoriminutioh against Columbia under Executive

érder 11246 (as amended). eThe‘puh}1o evidence suyporting such charges

~ seems streng.

It seems roaaenahle to ask ifgce-educmeimn will mean.-for wemenje

eegeeeuta, net oeéeducatioh but ce—ept1en er subtle coercion.

‘often in the past men'e colleges have sought wemen atudanta in ”‘
Veneer to survive financially; in erder ta compete with the grewing“ e ‘ «

;§e§u1arity at ce-educatienal colleges: in order te glamariae the "qnalit

of life" for male students; in under he previme candidates fer sarv£aei*?%*
value fer society. elemeatury saheel teachers, fer example; new can-g

enenan take thie'aerieua1y7 '3he ban any to herself that it is her due .

h,;e§eu§Ve aha is i' interior to men._ SM: can may to her-£~ze1£.
gang 1; is all merely A cenventien;. or she can say to herself. "whifl
$§neres my interests and m diguiti.“ ’ V ' h ”

Pfifihle at inrnard and at Celufihia cenoarned aheut wemen ahwuld

Wfirk tn findyan alternative to this pattern. The first thing we must

fie, it seems to me. is ta reco nine how badly we have eéuaated.wamen T ”“e"
in the past. we have teugfit tgen Ehat being u wanna and being as
iutelleetual are. fef the most pert. tnoemyatiblo. It was Katha; Pusey

who remarked. when he was president at uvvnrd in recent years. upen -

Gra¢nate;Sehee1( "We shall be left with the blind, the lame, and the wehen."V