Memo from William Theodore de Bary to William A. Owens, regarding the Women's Studies Institute proposal for the 1972 Summer Session, July 30, 1971

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Dem July %9v 1971

Dean William A. Owens



‘Sumed Women's Studies Institute Proposal for 1972 Summer Session

I am writing in response to your submission of a proposal for a Women's Studies Institute for the 1972 Summer

.Session. It is my feeling that the University is not pre-

pared at this time to submit such a request to the Office

of Education. More stringent academic preparation must be made by us before we can attempt to bring college professionals to Columbia for summer study in this area.

The status and role of women in our society and inn history is an important subject of study, however, and it

is my suggestion that your office discuss with the departmentsii

of History and Psychology the possibility of including two

' courses in Womenfs studies in the regular course offerings Win the 1972 Summer Session. ‘i «


L ;4/{ i§5:g}7

Wm. Theodorejde_Bary j“;;I" hi ‘


Vice President and} rovost


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