Women's Studies Institute, Columbia University Summer Session 1972, proposal, page 5

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          at Richmond College in the City University of New York.

Muriel Schien - Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Leh-
man College in the City University of New

Ann J. Lane — Assistant Professor of History at Douglass

College, Rutgers University.
Inez Reid — Assistant Professor of Political Science,
Brooklyn College.

Gerda Lerner — Professor of History at Sarah Lawrence.

Planning committee for the Institute.

.Barbara Buoncristiano — Administrative Officer, Columbia

University. Senator. Columbia.
7 Member of the Staff Association.
Carole Groneman — Ph.D candidate in History at Rochester
University.i Member of A.H.A.
Sally Nord - Admissions Officer, Columbia. Member of Ameri-
can Personnel and Guidance Association.

Eleanor Sinnette - Ph.D candidate in the School of Library


Peter Shamonsey — Assistant to the Dean of the Summer Session.

Columbia University.
Katharine Stimpson — Assistant Professor of English, Barnard.
Acting Director of the Women's Center .
Carol Vance — Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia.

Member of the American Anthropological Associ-