Women's Studies Institute, Columbia University Summer Session 1972, proposal, page 4

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          in conjunction with the Submission and Dominance course.
We plan to leave a certain amount of un—planned time

so the participants can choose topics and special lectu-

rers according to their own interests.i


Since this institute is specifically designed for
women, child care facilities are absolutely essential. By
providing child care, we_can insure the broadest possible
representation rrom all socio—economic groups; without
child care it is inevitable that participation will be
biased toward women who are childless or affluent.

We are in the process of discussing with established
neighborhood child care centers,the possibility of pro-

viding child care for our participants.


Directors will be chosen from:

Jewel P. Cobb — Dean or Women, Connecticut College

Anne S. Harris — Assistant Professor of Art History, Hunter

College ‘

Katharine R. Stimpson — Assistant Professor of English, Bar-
nard. Acting Director_of the Women's
Center at Barnard.


Phyllis Chesler — Assistant Professor of Psychology and Coor~

dinator of the.Fema1e Studies Workshop