Women's Studies Institute, Columbia University Summer Session 1972, proposal, page 3

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We visualize the afternoons as being much more infor-

mal than the mornings. This time will be an exciting op-

portunity to invite knowledgeable people for special lectures

on topics of interest to women. Some suggested speakers
and topics are:

Shirley Chisolm — Women in Politics

Margaret Mead — Cultural Differences in Sex Roles

Constance Baker Motley — Mothers and Children Before the Law
Mirra Komarovsky — The Blue Collar Wife

Anne S. Harris — Discrimination in Higher Education and

{Images of Women in Art

Kate Millett ~ Sexual Politics and Prostitution

Ruth E. Moulton — Psychoanalytic Theories of Women
Katharine R. Stimpson — Images of Women in Literature
Florence Kennedy ~ Abortion and the Law

Jane Gould — Women in the Professions

Eleanor Holmes Norton - Equal Rights and the Law

Some other subjects of interest are:

Civil rights and women's liberation; developing womenls
studies programs, welfare mothers. Readers from community
action, drug and poverty programs~ will be invited to speak.

We will have at least one seminar meeting twice weekly