Women's Studies Institute, Columbia University Summer Session 1972, proposal, page 2

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          practices there, and in general, to deal more effectively

with the problems faced by women students, faculty and staff.

History _§ flgmgn. Women as a social group have largely
been omitted from both standard and specialized accounts
of history. Therefore the institute will offer a course
on the history of women in America dealing with their social,
economic, political, and legal status.

This will be a three-point graduate lecture course
to team-taught by specialistsin the history of black and
of white women. We consider team teaching a necessary ap-
proach because it will provide both the black and the

white perspective on the female experience in this country.

Submission and Dominance. This will be an inter—disciplinary
course encompassing the fields of psychology, anthropology,
and sociology.d We will examine feminine and masculine
patterns of behavior in different cultures, as determined
and influenced by social structure and economic system.
Psychological thories of women will be critically examined;
marriage forms, power relationships in the family, male
and female socialization patterns, and cultural myths about
women will be discussed.

This too will be a three-epoint graduate lecture course

team—taught by an anthropologist or sociologist and a psy-