Letter from Hope Simon Miller to Susan Sandel, December 13, 1971

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Dnmlmhtr 13. 3.971

mu sum 1.. Swan! £505 Pmmtaiu flaunt the ham, 6am. 06515 nu: ma Randal:

I m plaaufi an cuckoo: an official to-caipt in tbs amount. of $5.00 for your gift to can Annual Giving Program af not-med fiolissc. As you nqmatnd. your gift is being alloeaud to th Vanna‘: Gaunt.

it an mom; nncouragnd by your lupport

and by your mrlarszaading of th: ptofiluu Straatd face: caéay.

sincere ly,

lira. Arthur Killer



be: Prof. Stimpsonv