Letter from Eleanor Mintz to Lisbeth Jacobs, December 9, 1971

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Danube: 9, 3.971

mm. lholdon M. Jacabn

S5 Iafursy Awnm Iiuttnga-on-tltuluon, Nata York 10706

but Kn. Sancho:

thank yen for your gift to Barnard collage -~ for which an ozflcial rocotpt in amiloucl. ‘thanks. cm, for yaw: kind words about the wanna’: cantor and about our pasta.

1'»: afraid cm: the "arsenal" of Milton char‘: 3:: work for the caucus is not suitable far salt or awn distribution. It mu strictly "working" copy and d!.dn‘t rally aim can shape unul it

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since:-oly, (M1-1.) Eleanor 5. Mint: Mmetor Rfliajr


bc: Prof. Stimpson ‘/