Regulations for Affirmative Action Contract Compliance Programs to End Sex-Based Discrimination, 1971, page 5

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          a. Entry level qualifications for all jobs:
Review and validation of worker specifications by organi-
zational unit and job category using job performance

criteria, and revision of those specifications and require-

'ments which result in underemployment of one sex and which

are not reliable predictors of job performance; develop-
ment of affirmative programs to overcome deficiencies

and discrimination resulting from previous patterns of


b. Promotions: "Review of transfer and promotion
practices to determine whether employees of both sexes are
being promoted at an equal rate, especially in areas with.,
previously low female participation such as management,‘
supervisory, sales and technical positions; revision of

promotion practices where indicated, including increased

_participation of women in training programs and apprentice-

ship classes; review of seniority practices, lay-off

A policies, transfers, etc.,.to eliminate discrimination on

the basis of sex.
c. Salaries: Comparison of job duties and rates
of compensation to insure that rates of compensation for

similar types of jobs are equal, and that rates of com-

g pensation of jobs primarily restricted to one sex are

equal to those of jobs requiring similar levels of skills

and performed primarily by the other sex.