Scholar and Feminist Conference XIII program, 1986

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TI-IE 1 SCI-IOLAR ND TI-IE EMINIST XIII: Women's Images and Politics Saturday. MARCH 22‘ l 9 8 6





8:30 cm to 7:00 pm/ V

H I 1--

The Barnard College

, 9999999900 Women s Center

Check-in at Barnard Hall 8:30—9am

MORNING SESSION 9am—l2:30pm Gymnasium

We1coming«Remarks Ellen V. Futter, President, Barnard College

Conference Opening: ”Things Visi- ble and Invisible: Representations of Women," Catharine Stimpson, founding editor of SIGNS, Rutgers University

Film: "Christopher Strong," 1931, with Katherine Hepburn, directed by Dorothy Arzner

Commentary: "The White Female Di- rector in Hollywood: Arzner's Repre- sentation ot Women in ”Christopher Strong,” E. Ann Kaplan, Rutgers University

Lunch 12:30 — 2 pm Maclntosh Student Center


Afternoon Workshops 2-4: 15 pm

1. Images of Women's Studies and Politics in Spain

Aria BaIIetbo'. Spanish Congres- sional Deputy

Mary Nash, Director of the Center of Historical Research on Women, University of Barcelona, Spain Mercedes Vilanova, University of Barcelona, Spain

2. Gender and Genre: Re-Present- ing Representation

Bella Brodzki, Sarah Lawrence Col- lege, ”The Case of Autobiography” Celeste Schenck, Barnard College, "The Case of Poetry”

Louise Yellin, SUNY College at Purchase, ”The Case of the NoVel”

3. Media ‘Access and Accountabil- ity: Poor. Working Women and Women of Color Creating a

New Aesthetic

Katherine Elrau Amoy Hall, Womanews

Ada Griffin, Third World Newsreel Womenlmage Presentations by Poet Hattie Gossett and Actress Bina Sharif Film Clips

4. The Anorexic as Heroine: Eating Disorders and Feminist Politics Kate Ellis, Rutgers University Sonia Sayres, Cooper Union

5. Science Fiction and Political Imagination

The Feminist Science Fiction Study Group, History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz

6. Representation in Dance

Susan Leigh Foster, Wesleyan University

Susan Allene Manning, Columbia University

Cynthia Novack, Barnard College Video

7. Images of Asian American Women: Myth and Reality

May Chin. Community Activist Shirley I-lune, Medgar Evers College Renee Tajima, Third World Newsreel

8. Their Eyes Were Watching Icons: Feminists. Journalists, and Cultural Critics

Margo lefferson, Critic, Journalist Slides

9. Contradictory Images of Sexual- ity in Rock Videos on MTV

E. Ann Kaplan, Rutgers University Video

I 10. Lesbian Mothers ‘Choosing


Cheryl Kennedy, Women's Alcoholism Program (CASPAR) Iulia Pérez, University of Massachusetts


11. Women's Culture and Anti- Nuclear Politics

Ynestra King. Women's Pentagon Action

Lisa Miller, War Resisters’ League Genevieve Vaughan, Feminist Inter- national for Peace, Nairobi Peace


12. Imaging Black Women: Holly- wood and Black Independent Films Phyllis Klotman, Director, Black Film Center Archive, University

of Indiana

Slides and Film Clips

13. Teenage Pregnancy: "Love, Mar- riage. and the Baby Carriage?" lanie L. Kritzman, The Barnard Women's Center, moderator

Monica Meyer, M .D., Adolescent Medicine, St. Luke’s—Roosevelt Hospital Center

Deirdre Wulf, Editor, Family Plan- ning Perspectives, Alan Guttmacher Institute

14. Figuring Woman: An Identity Crisis in Art and Popular Culture Ellen Levy, Journalist

Ann Reynolds, CUNYI Graduate Center


15. Images in Action

Robin Michals, Painter, Muralist Kristin Reed, Photographer, Painter, Muralist


l6. Cause and Creativity: A Lec- ture/Screening with Black Feminist Filmmaker Michelle Parkerson Michelle Parkerson, Founding mem- ber, Eye of the Storm Productions, lnc., Producer/Director of ”Gotta Make this Journey: Sweet Honey in the Rock” Video

1'7. Fetal Images: The Power of Vis- ual Culture in the Politics of Repro- duction (Viewing, Decoding, and Resisting "The Silent Scream") Rosalind Pollack Petchesky, Author of Abortion and Woman's Choice Video

18. Screening Stereotypes: Images of Disabled Women in Media Susan Quinby. Office for Disabled Students, Barnard College

lane Thierfeld, Access to Equity, Barnard College


19. Apropos of the Legs of the Countess: Femininity and Celebrity in the French Second Empire Abigail Solomon-Godeau, Photog- raphy Critic and Historian

20. Images of Women in Contempo- rary China Marilyn Young, New York University


4:30—6 pm Gymnasium

"Reconsiderations from the Per- spective of an Historian,"

loan W Scott, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Iersey

Open Plenary 5:30—6 pm Temma Kaplan, Director of the Bar- nard Women's Center, Moderator

RECEPTION 6-7 pm Maclntosh Student Center

Conference Director Temma Kaplan

Conference Coordinators Carrie Emerson Ianie L. Kritzman Bonnie Sheldon

Art Director Marlene Weisman