Scholar and Feminist conference VIII program, 1981, page 4

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          Bettina Berch
Janet Corpus
Julie Doron

Joan Dulchin
Wendy Fairey
Atina Grossmann

14. Myths of the ”Model Minority": The Rebellion of Asian-American
Women, 1965-1980
Ginger Chih, photographer and picture researcher; Asian Women United
Diane Mei Lin Mark, writer

15. Pro-Family Politics, Sexism and Sexual Repression
Ellen Willis, The Village Voice

16. Women on Welfare: Public Policy and Institutional Racism
Bettylou Valentine, anthropologist and writer

17. Religion as an Instrument of Social Control
Judith Plaslcow, Francine Quaglio———Manhattan College

18. Who Controls Women's Health?
Diana Scully, Virginia Commonwealth University

Academic Coordinator
Hanna Lessinger

Planning Committee

Diane Harriford Mary Sheerin
Elizabeth Higginbotham Barbara Sicherman
Jacqueline Leavitt Maxine Silverman
Sherry Manasse Quandra Stadler
Cynthia Novack Laura Whitman
Susan R. Sacks

Conference Coordinators
Women's Center
Jane 5. Could

Christina Greene
Janie Kritzman

Barnard College
New York, NY 10027