Scholar and Feminist Conference VI program, 1979, page 4

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Louise Adler

Roberta Bernstein

Mary Jane Ciccarello

Hester Eisenstein

Irene Finel-Honigman
โ€˜ Suzanne I-Ianchett

Women in Power and Politics
Ruth W. Messinger,
The Council of the City of New York

Differences in Women's Thinking about

Self and Morality

Carol Gilligan, Harvard Llrziversity Graduate School
of Education and Wellesley Center for Research on

Visibility and Difference:
Black Feminism in History and Literature
Quandra Stadler, Barnard College

Domination and Difference:

the Roots of Rational Violence

Iessica Ben/amin, The New York Institute for the
Humanities, New York university

The Sociobiological Rationale for Women's Oppression
Eleanor Leacock, The City College, CUNY


Academic Coordinators
Alice Jardine

Planning Committee

Nancy K. Miller
Elizabeth Minnich
Ellen Pollak

Susan R. Sacks
Philippa Strum
Kathryn B. Yatrakis

Conference Coordinators
Women '5 Center
Jane 5. Could
Janie Kritzman

Barnard College
New York, NY 10027