Scholar and Feminist XI registration form, 1980, page 4

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Reception 4:30-6 pm

The conference will be limited to 600 participants and registration will be accepted in order of receipt. To reserve
your place return the attached form with your fee no later than April 12, 1982. Each participant will attend one
afternoon workshop. Please list four choices; we will do our best to honor your preference. You will receive your
workshop assignment when you check in on the morning of the conference. For further information, write or call
the Women's Center, Barnard College, 117th Street and Broadway, New York, NY 10027 (212) 280-2067.
No refunds for cancellations will be issued after April 12.


NAME Enclosed is my registration fee of
El $20.00 (regular) or Cl $10.00

ADDRESS (student or limited income) which in-
ZIP cludes lunch and booklet, ”The Diary
of a Conference."
AFFILIATION FIELD Please make check payable to the


Barnard Women's Center. Detach
this form and return no later than

workshop Choices April 12, 1.982 to:

(list by number)

Women's Center

Conferenre Nerds Barnard College
If you need child care (children aged 21/2 years and up), mobility New york, NY 10027

assistance, or a sign language interpreter, please let us know by
April 12.

Barnard College is wheelchair accessible.