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          Last March, the Barnard Women*s Center estab-
lished a legal and medical emergency loan

fund for Barnard students, All loans are
confidential, and there is no interest charged.

In less than a year, the Women*s Center has ,
made loans to twenty students. Most have V
been or are being paid back. However, the

fund is low. At the current rate of ten

loans a semester, the fund needs your help

to continue. , ;

We are planning to hold an auction at Spring L .

Festival, Saturday, April 24 in order to


raise money for the fund. If you are inter=

ested in helping us organize this event,

please come to an organizational meeting (7
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 12;3o—1;30, in the _ _ O
WOMEN*S CENTER, 100 Barnard Hall. If you

are unable to attend, please call--


Joy ----- —-X1498

Beryl-———-x1074 ‘§
or drop by the W0men7‘