News from the Women's Center, 1976

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The academic conference of the Barnard College Women”s Center, coordinated by Hester Eisenstein will be held this year on Saturday, April 10, 1976. The third in a series examining the impact of feminism on traditional modes of scholarship, this year's conference, The Scholar and the Feminist III: The Search for Origins, focuses on a basic problem now attracting.the attention of feminist scholars in many disciplines: What are the origins and sources of the position of women in society and culture? How far back can they be traced? In what structures-— psychological, social, economic and political—-does the position of women have

its basis.

In the morning session, two major papers will be presented. Rayna R. Reiter, an

anthropologist at the New School for Social Research, will give a theoretical

and critical review of some classic points of origin-rthe family, the growth of

the state, and the development of capitalism—-suggesting.areas for further research.

Elaine H. Pagels, a scholar of early Western religion at Barnard, will present a case study to show how the development of religious hierarchy coincides with the expulsion of women from their earlier symbolic and priestly roles. In the after- noon, scholars in a variety of disciplines will speak to the question of origins,

broadly defined.

Attendance at the conference will be pre—registered and will be limited to 250.

In the past, student attendance has been low, in part because students either do not hear about the conference, or are too late in signing up. However, this year 20 spaces will be reserved for Barnard students until March 15. After that

date, reservations will be on a first come, first served basis. It costs $5.00

Last March, the Barnard Women*s Center estab- lished a legal and medical emergency loan

fund for Barnard students, All loans are confidential, and there is no interest charged.

In less than a year, the Women*s Center has , made loans to twenty students. Most have V been or are being paid back. However, the

fund is low. At the current rate of ten

loans a semester, the fund needs your help

to continue. , ;

We are planning to hold an auction at Spring L .

Festival, Saturday, April 24 in order to


raise money for the fund. If you are inter=

ested in helping us organize this event,

please come to an organizational meeting (7 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 12;3o—1;30, in the _ _ O WOMEN*S CENTER, 100 Barnard Hall. If you

are unable to attend, please call--


Joy ----- —-X1498 Jennifer-—749—4704

Beryl-———-x1074 ‘§ or drop by the W0men7‘