Scholar and Feminist Conference IV program, 1977, page 3

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Patriarchy as Paradigm: The Challenge from
Feminist Scholarship
Judith Long Laws, Cornell University

Androcentrism in Biology
Ruth Hubbard, Harvard University

Sexism and Social Policy Issues in Urban
Planning and Architecture

Jackie Leavitt, Columbia University, School
of Architecture and Urban Planning

Surviving as a Feminist Scholar Outside
the Academy

Cynthia Secor, HERS, Mid-A tlantic; and
University of Pennsylvania

Women's Culture/Male Philosophy/Human
Thought: What is the Question?

Sara Ruddick, New Schoolfor

Social Research

The Problems in Demystifying Women’s

Sally Guttmacher, Columbia University,
School ofPublic Health

Making Feminist Scholarship More Accessible
Nancy Henley, University of Lowell

Taking Our Lives Seriously: Everyday Experi-
ence as a Source of Feminist Social Theory
Pamela Fishman, New York City

Linda Marks, New York City

The Need for a Feminist Literary Theory
Elaine Showalter, Douglass College, Rutgers

Medical Ethics and Sterilization
Helen Rodriguez-Trias, Lincoln Hospital

Alternate Structures and a Utopian Proposal

for an Institute for Advanced Feminist Studies

Gerda Lerner, Sarah Lawrence College