Reciept for SUNY College at Old Westbury, 1973, page 2

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/ NOTICE TO VENDORS: All purchase orders from New York State agencies are exempt from New York

State Sales Tax, and all such purchase ordersmust beacceptecl in lieu of exemption certificates,,the venrlorf’

retaining a copy to prove that the sale was exempt.
1. Where samples have been furnished with proposal, goods delivered on order must
correspond, and if not will beheld subject to your ‘order.’
2. Duplicateiinvoicesu on our Standard Voucher ‘Form with shipping receipts attached
must be sent to this purchasing office. i
3. Quantitiesp;-rp“,ust,nbe kept inside specified order. Oversupply will be returned at
shipper’s expense-.,;;;~   A ‘_~ ;  . 
4. p”I3é§si‘.ei“i'i5.{s§E§§”§iiip§igg:;’apnii?";gi1"‘6‘;5ié§;‘p’7?where terms are F.O.B. S/P. Add this charge
to your vot'1‘c‘h"e'r""ar_1)p "subrniif" a‘ sh’i‘15Jpit1‘g'*‘”'rec’eipt for reimbursement.’
/I.‘ 5.5;’-» r , - . _. , .'

5. During the performance of any contract under which this order is tendered, the vendor of goods
or services"{§r'o'ci3t‘r*eil th'ro'u'gli"th‘iS.,‘purchase order acknowledges and agrees to comply with applicable State
and Federal‘to£1‘tr2ft£(iéi1I5clSau§}€§"7which prohibit discriminationfini einployiment because of race, color, creed;
sex, age am'i’:national.r§1xig‘;i;x and which promotes full realization of equal employment opportunity.


. New York State is exempt from payment of all federal and New’ York State and lo:-ui taxes except social
security, "'unémploymefIt’:‘iilsuraiIce and like taxes. Do not inc|ude“ta_xe_s from which the State is exempt


when submitting invoices. K‘ V  3 ~‘ ‘- ‘\ =«

.»i,. - . ._ .. ‘ ‘ _,;-