Conference plan for the 1993 The Scholar and the Feminist conference, 1993, page 12

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Barnard College ° Columbia L’nivcrsit~\' ' 3009 Broadway °‘New York. NY 10027-6598


The Barnard Center
for Research on \Vomen

(212) 854-2067

Ada Deer (Menominee Tribe, Wisconsin)
Ramona Bennett( Pulollop Tribe, Washington State)

What Do women Want, Anyway? Pollsters and Pundits

Ethel Klein

Celinda Lake

Linda DiVall

Barbara Farah

Prof. Michael Delli Carpini

The Power of the Media Woman: Women Covering Politics
Cokie Roberts
Katha Pollitt
Ellen Goodman
Bonnie Angelo
Murphy Brown (hey, if Dan Quayle can dream...)

The Power of the Media: How Media Cover Women in Politics

Women and Health: Moving the State

Rep. Pat Schroeder

Rep. Olympia Snowe

Antonia Novello

WHAM ! ~

National Black Women's Health Project

Women and Aids: Moving the State
Amber Hollibaugh, (NYC Human Rights Commission)
Dr. Helen Rodriguez (Medical Director, AIDS institute)
Cindy Patton (author of Sex and Germs: The Politics of

Strategies for Fighting Violence Against Women
Sujata Warrier

Women Seize the Pulpit
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum