Conference plan for the 1993 The Scholar and the Feminist conference, 1993, page 11

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Barnard College ° Columbia University ° 3009 Broadway - New York, NY 10027-6598

The Barnard Center
for Research on \Vomen

(212) 854-2067

Carol Bellamy
Prof. Ester Fuchs
Prof. Joyce Gelb

Seeking and Gaining Political office: How It's Done

Presentations by

National Women's Political Caucus

Women's Campaign Fund



Reproductive Rights: Where Do We Go From Here?

Kate Michaelman

Faye Wattleton

National Black Women's Health Project


Republicans for Choice

Prof. Rosalind Petchesky

Prof. Suzanne Staggenborg (author of The Pro-Choice
Movement, Oxford, 1991)

Theories of Women and the State
Catharine MacKinon

Women as Judges: Do they Make a Difference?
Eve Premminger
Sandra Day O'Connor
Rosalind Richter

Women in Congress: Do they Make a Difference?
Prof. Ruth Mandel
Sen. Barbara Mikulski
Rep. Claudine Schneider

Strategies for Lesbian Legal and Political Empowerment
Urvashi Vaid, NGLTF
Paula Ettelbrick, Lambda Legal Defense and Education

Rep. Barney Frank

women, the Arts and the State: Fighting Censorship
Prof. Natalie Kampen
Catharine Stimpson

Native American Women and Political Power
Wilma Mankiller (Cherokee Nation)