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Barnard College - Columbia University ° 3009 Broadway ° New York, NY 10027 -6598


The Barnard Center
for Research on Women

(212) 854-2067

The scholar and the Feminist, 1993

Proposed title: Women as Change Makers: Building and Using
Political Power.

This conference will focus on how women do and should seek

‘power through movement politics and electoral politics. Conference

organizers pre-suppose that there are many routes to power, and
many different kinds of power: in workplaces, in homes, in
healthcare, in religious institutions, in the arts, in education,
and in bureaucracies, courts, legislatures, and executive offices.

The heart of the conference will lie in analyzing women's
relationship to state power, as well as the strategic choice to
develop institutions apart from the state that can generate power.
We will examine how women gain power locally and nationally, and
how they can best gain power in the future. Additionally, we will
explore what women do with power once they get it, and ask what
they should do with it.

The conference hopes to bring together appointed and elected
government officials, and would-be officials; feminist activists
and would-be activists; feminist scholars and would-be scholars,
for constructive discussion and debate.

Suggested Format:

9:00--9:15 Welcome and Introductions: Ellen Futter and
Leslie Calman

I. Morning Plenary
9:15--9:45 two 10-15 minute speeches by prominent, exciting
i.e. Ann Richards and Johnetta Coles?
Anita Hill and Barbara Boxer?
Lynn Yeakel and Carol Mosely Braun?

9:45--10:30 Discussion (with a moderator) between the two, 
and questions from the floor.

II. Workshops
10:45--12:15 Workshops: 2-3 facilitators, with 25

participants. Plan 20 workshops.

12:30--1:30 Lunch