Letter from Jane Gould About Organizing Scholar and Feminist V, 1977

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RE: The Scholar and The Feminist Conference

FROM: Jane S. Gould, The Barnard women's Center

It's time to start thinking about our next conference, The Rubinstein Foundation has renewed its annual grant of $7500 to the Women's Center to be used for The Scholar and The Feminist V. we are pleased that Elizabeth Minnich, Associate Dean of Faculty, has agreed to be the academic¬ęcoordin- ator this year. This is Elizabeth's second year at Barnard; last year she served on the Planning Committee and presented the discussion of the two morning papers at The Scholar and The Feminist IV.

We have scheduled our first planning meeting for Monday, September 12, in the Women's Center, at noon. Bring a sandwich; we will have coffee.

If you can't come to the meeting, but would like to participate in the

planning or have ideas you'd like to contribute, please stop in or call the Women's Center (2067), or call Elizabeth Minnich (2297).

August 1977