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that the conference was “filled with the tremendous excitement of a pioneering

.endeavor ~— our giving each other a positive peer group with which to identify

and positive role models from which we are forging complete, creative, and
strong human beings out of a stereotype which defined women to be losers in
a world where ‘person' equaled male.” Victoria Schuck, political scientist,
wrote: “It was one of the most significant events I have experienced, for
the symposium offered an opportunity to women in academe to exert intellec-
tual leadership in the women's movement Via our disciplines, which have been
barren of epistemological and conceptual recognition of feminism."

The Executive Committee of the Women's Center has decided to hold another aca-
demic conlerence next year; The 1974 conference laid the foundation for the
exploration of the impact of the broad social movement of feminism on the
academic community and its scholars, and the 1975 conference will examine in
depth some of the ramifications of this influence. The Helena Rubinstein
Foundation has renewed its grant which will make possible Bernard's second
academic conference.

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