Note from Catharine Stimpson to Jane Gould, 1974

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Jtimpson C/O General Dalivery East Marion, fl.Y. 11939


Ms. Jane S. Gould Women's Center

Barnard Hall

Barnard College

New York, New York 10027

Jane dear, The day before classes are to begin is

just impossible for me, both for that reason and for personal reasons. So I can't come to the next conference planning meeting, which breaks my heart, because I wonder about the direction of the thing, but not being able to come, I also wonder about the legitimacy of my comments. As‘I read the minutes of the

8 August meeting, it seems to be that it is all going oufof focus. I repeat what I have said before -—~ the work that has to he fione, it" —“ 73-’: “:50 C1”  ‘