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Columbia University




From: Office of Public Relations FOR RELEASE

‘;§’fw‘§°;>;kf§§’}*;§;g:;;, Tuesday, April 30, 1974

280-2037; MO 2-8992
Sarah W. Johnson, Director

An academic conference entitled "The Scholar and the Feminist” will be held at
Barnard College on Saturday, May ll, 1974. The day-long program will focus on the impact
of feminism on scholarship through the presentation of papers by scholars in different
academic disciplines and through workshop discussions.

Sponsored by the Barnard College Women's Center with a grant from the Helena Rubin-
stein Foundation, the conference will start at 9:30 a.m. with three concurrent panels of
four scholars eachu The panelists will describe the underlying assumptions in their own
work and their selection of methodology; they will analyze the impact of feminist ideology
on their scholarship and comment on the implications of their research for greater under-
staning of women.

The morning panelists are Electa Arenal, Carolyn Shaw Bell, Constance Carroll, Kate
Ellis, Lee Ehrman, Gerda Lerner, Linda Nochlin, Miriam Schneir, Victoria Schuck, Janet
Siskind, Judith Jarvis Thomson, and Naomi Weisstein.

The afternoon will be devoted to workshops planned around the theme, "Scholarship
and Feminism: Conflict, Compromise, Creativity,” and will be moderated by Barnard faculty

Registration for the conference was limited to 250, and all places have been filled.