Notes on Feminist Literary Criticism in the University Workshop, 1974, page 4

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          %-mi?“ = . ~


Necessarily, this transition will take many forms: for some

:it will involve the discovery and publication of new literary source ls“;ififi


material--literary archaeology; for others, an interdisciplinary


approach that would bring the tools of history, -sociology, anthropology,}ffi
pi i ‘” -Flu and psycholanalysis to literary analysis-~with the result, perhaps, of the M

X 9 creation of a discipline called Feminist Studies (like America; or Orientals
V Studies) of which literature would then be only a part;‘ for those l

comitted to the concept or the text as inviolable domain, it will mean,

1‘ hat the very least, equal rights (and time)rfor a feminist e in , a
E thematic reversal of the Eternal Feminine--a kind of Qgghlg vision.
Clearly, feminist criticism assumes a widening of areas of , ;;;
'tinvestigation, and a redefinition of context to include concerns rarely .5th}
. taken into account in official literary criticism. For example,.the
extra—textua1 (cultural) meanings assigned to masculine and feminine
3‘, as they affect the definition of character, verisimilitude, and style
in the novelu-those polarized données that control the value system of fix

'our fiction and our lives. Perhaps,most impitant, however, is the new h,,;.<


emphasis on the reaction of the reader as woman, rather than as a supposedly

I androgynous intellect, and the validation of the personal dynamic in the


’practice of literary analysis. The hope is that feminist critics will
, speak in their own voices (which is not-to say_in "feminine" sentences)

_-~and_be heard.

4_ '~

That tentative note corresponds less to a lack of conviction, than-

to a lack of history. How does one predict the future on a past that dates.

” "l say, to the publication of Sexual Politgggl I am not suggesting that

- 1, , t :§J§..
feminist scholars have not been, and are not currently writing and pgh?ieh$Hg.,
o . .. ‘ ; «3t.d’7ffl,


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