Notes on Feminist Literary Criticism in the University Workshop, 1974, page 1

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) rom§Werkshop 10 : Feminist Literary Criticism in the University (Stantonlfiillérfltu



Tdr§‘§ue Sachs for Feminist Studig§_





A», -E; 
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,A_ $%§d.Thei§Bi1ewing reflarks were presehted ab a preface to our workshop ’


_‘ ., V fi. . ; d
‘they were designed to.provide a point of departure,


a springboahd:L


for discussion.


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-?§art II. As the workshop ended, and on the moment, we were unable to


3_fien%u1ate succinctly what one particigant (Madelyn Gutwirth) called the!s “wide and ifipassiofied discourse." In retrospect, however, certain . §.;tV
';;:pbe1tions did become clear, and I have tried to reconstruct them heme.

. This is hot a stenographic transcrfiption; rather. a translation in my
dwn terms of the issues as I perceive them



;x,(The above comment will follow Domna's paper and precede Nancy Miller's.)