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Bamard College


The Barnard College Women's Center is sponsoring an academic conference entitled The Scholar and the Feminist to be held at Barnard, Saturday, May ll, 1974. The aim of the conference is to examine the impact of feminism on scholarship through the presentation and discussion of research. Scholars in several disciplines will describe the underlying assumptions in their own work, their selection of methodology, the impact of feminist ideology on their scholarship, and the implications of their research for greater understanding of women and their academic field.

Between 200 and 300 faculty, students, and other interested persons will participate in the one—day conference, designed to maximize the exchange of ideas and informal discussion. The morning session will consist of three separate panels, meeting simultaneously, in which four scholars will address the question: what has been the impact of feminism on my own scholarship? on my understanding of women? on my understanding of my field?

During the afternoon, between twelve and fifteen small workshops will concentrate on the topic Scholarship and Feminism: Conflict or Compromise. Each workshop will have two moderators who will attend a planning session before the conference at which guideline themes for the discussion will be developed. Every effort will be made to have the workshops include participants of different ages, backgrounds, academic fields, and interests.

Anyone interested in participating in the conference, please contact Sue Riemer Sacks, Conference Coordinator, at the Barnard College Women's

Center, 212-280-2067.