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          The Barnard Center for Research on Women

The Barnard Center for Research on Women was founded in 1971
to express Barnard's longtime commitment to women and to
show Barnard's enthusiasm for the new women's movement.

The aim of the Center, articulated by its founding charter, is "to
assure that women can live and work in dignity, autonomy, and
equality." Twenty years later, we continue to pursue that goal in
many ways: by promoting inquiry and advancing knowledge about
women; by helping to keep women's issues at the intellectual
forefront of college life; by seeking to increase ties among diverse
groups of women; and by reaching out to students, faculty,
administrators, alumnae, and women and men in the community
outside of Barnard's gates.

Our series Speaking of Women... each week brings scholars and
activists to the Center for discussions of a wide range of women's
issues. The annual Helen Rogers Reid Lectureship honors
distinguished women in public life and the arts who have shown a
significant commitment to improving the lives of all women. The
Scholar and The Feminist Conference joins activists, scholars, and
interested members of the public in a day-long exploration of a
significant question in women's lives.

To further disseminate the results of the research and experiences
presented in the Center's conferences and lectures, the Center
publishes Center News and The Barnard Occasional Papers on
Women 's Issues.

The Myra Josephs / Birdie Goldsmith Ast Resource Collection is
housed in a spacious room on the first floor of Barnard Hall, and is
open to the public. The collection contains thousands of books
concerning women and gender, and subscribes to over one
hundred and twenty feminist periodicals. Collections of published
and unpublished articles; newspaper clippings; special newsletters
and reports; polling data; information on local, national and
international women's organizations; and materials about
women's studies programs throughout the country round out the

The Center for Research on Women is open year round, Monday
through Friday, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and until 9:00 pm on
Tuesdays. We can be reached at (212) 854-2067 and look
forward to hearing from you.