Elly Elliot speech at BCRW 20th anniversary dinner, 1993, page 5

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          Barnard's President, then Martha Peterson, asked a good question: "O.K. to start
your project, and I'll give you a bit of space, but what are you going to do for mo-

ney?" Fate soon provided the answer.

Helen Rogers Reid, one of Bamard's great women, had died. It turned out that she
had lefl the College money in her Will. I asked her children how they thought she
would have felt about starting the Women's Center with her bequest. They said,

"She'd l9_y_e_ it." We were off and running.

Now it's time for you to be off and nmning with your dinner. Bon appetit! With

dessert, Ellen Futter will be up here to continue our celebration.