Elly Elliot speech at BCRW 20th anniversary dinner, 1993, page 4

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          Little did they know that what I was doing was in the family tradition. My mother,
in London at the age of 12 had handed out The Suffiagette newspaper for the Pank-
hursts in Trafalguar Square. (She also poured paint in mailboxes.) And my mother-
in—law, a suffragette and 76 years old at the time of the parade, had called me that

morning to ask, "Do you think I should come in from the country and march?"

As we neared my husband Jock's office at 48th and 5th, Tish Baldrige said, "I guess
he'll be out on the terrace watching." I said, "No such luck. This is the day of their

office outing on Long Island. All male, of course."

After the parade, by prearrangement, I met Iola Haverstick in a restaurant to discuss

our Center ideas.

As things got going, people would ask our little task force, "Why do you need a
women's center when you are a women's college?" _V§_7_e felt: what better place than
Barnard to highlight academic equality for faculty and students? And, as Jane Gould
put it recently, we felt we needed to give reality to our convictions about women's
abilities and rights. We felt: what better place than Bamard to highlight women's re-

markable history and accomplishments?