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          Minutes from the Scholar and the Feminist Planning Committee Meeting
June 3, 1992

1. The following committee members were present:
Leslie Calman, Director, Barnard Center for Research on Women
Professor, Political Science, Barnard College

Valerie Green, Associate Director, Barnard Center for Research on Women
Jane Celwyn, Director, Office of Career Services, Barnard College
Lynn Chancer, Professor, Sociology, Barnard College

Michael Delli Carpini, Professor, Political Science, Barnard College
Miriam Friedlander, Former New York City Council Member

Chris Grillo, Assistant Director, Direct Marketing Training Program, NOW-New
York City

Helene Kaplan, Chair, Board of Trustees, Barnard College

Terry Rogers, Professor, Sociology, Barnard College

Rosalind Rosenberg, Professor, History, Barnard College

Rachel Rosenbloom, Women's Health Action Mobilization (WHAM!)
Christine Royer, Vice President for Public Affairs, Barnard College
Judith Russell, Professor, Political Science, Barnard College

Bob Shapiro, Professor, Political Science, Columbia University
Elizabeth Schneider, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School
Jennifer Siegel, Executive Director, NOW- New York City

Vivian Taylor, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Barnard College
Marcia Welles, Professor, Spanish, Barnard College

2. Introductions

Leslie Calman introduced herself and the Manager of the Center, Valerie
Green. The members of the board were asked to introduce themselves.

Leslie described the Scholar and the Feminist Conference as a one day
conference held in April focusing on topics pertaining to women. Participants
should include both activists and scholars.

She also noted that the attendance at the conference has steadily
declined in past years- from 800 participants at some points to 180 participants
last year. In order to revitalize the interest of the Barnard Community and the
community outside its gates, an interesting topic, a dynamic speaker, and an
innovative format are needed.

Leslie also added that the 1993 conference will celebrate the twentieth
anniversary of the Center, so we should aim for a particularly memorable event.