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          October 8, l974

From: Nancy K. Miller
Subject: Plans for the next Academic Conference
Report of the Third Planning Session on October 4th
After general discussion, including consideration of suggestions submitted

by people who could not attend the meeting, the earlier format of a key-

note speaker and three major themes was restructured as follows:

-- One panel with two speakers and two discussants

-- Two topics: A. Feminist Critique of Classic Texts —
Values and assumptions of inherited ideology

B. Feminist Ideology —
premises and practice

Many of the specific concerns listed on the September 30th memo have been
incorporated under the new headings. We are still in the process of de-
lineating the parameters of these very difficult issues; we expect that
the feedback from the speakers themselves will influence our final for-


At the next meeting, October 17th at noon in the Women's Center, we will

discuss seminar topics and look at all the suggestions for panelists.