Notes on Scholar and Feminist Conference, 1974, page 2

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          Darline: "Other people's psychological gain isn't necessarily
an intellectual gain for anyone."*

Gladys: papers should be publid1ed as a RECORD of where feminist
movement stood in 1974. Important even if quality is uneven.
"I will be disappointed" if the papers aren't published.

We can publish abstracts of those papers we don't want to publish
in full.

Gladys: "For many people, the intellect is a mechanism of de -

fense, and you can reach them through it." Thus, the conference
served to raise consciousness for people who wouldn't undertake

this directly.

*Hester: but what about the issue of whether feminism and
scholarship are compatible altogether? feminism means giving

up that split between intellect and emotions, that whole

notion of truth as only intellectual. There is also psychological

Sue: truth isn't something in a box that can be dug out. Everyone
who learns learns her own truth, depending where she's coming from.

Gladys: but scholarship can adapt to new questions. Otherwise
you are taking a Lee Ehrman position, that to be a feminist, you
have to give up doing scholarship altogether. This isn't so.
But you may have to change the way you are doing scholarship.

Barbara: yes, asking different questions. But some of the papers
didn't really focus on this.

Hester: they did in the Weisstein/E1lis/Shuck/Schneir workshop