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          Notes on Debriefing from "The Scholar and the Feminist" Conference

Women's Center

Louise Bernikow, Gladys Meyer, Darline Levy, Cynthia Lloyd, Susan
Sacks, Jane Gould, Hester Eisenstein, Barbara Miller

Louise: too great a range of issues covered in the workshops

Gladys: need to have two types of workshops; one like ours was,
broad; another more focussed

Louise: there is an information gapl: people don't know how to
get new sources into print, how to find out feminist bibliography

Darline: we should pre-assign people to workshops and give out
a bibliography ahead of time

Louise: I felt my workshop was superficial; I felt intellectually
hungry afterwards

Gladys: there was a great range of ages and status

Sue: doing this implies redefining goals and audience, which is
OK, but we should be aware of this

Louisezd example -- people talking about the problems of teaching
Women's Studies, who have just started teaching this: this does
not interest me

Gladys: next year is International Women's Year: why not an
international scholars” conference? We need to have a comon,
focus. AAUW is part of an international organization, and has
money; or the international women's medical association. She
knows them. This, for financing.

Jane: yes, but there will be many events this year, and our
focus should stay academic

Darline and Barbara: people giving the papers should get together
ahead of time. The moderators need to have a clear GOAL/TOPIC.

Gladys: Bell, et. al. saying "this is a private matter", "I just
happened to fosus on a woman°s issue" is in sharp contrast to
Lee Ehrman, who was very provocative, saying, "You women aren't
working hard enough!"