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DATE: APRIL 30, 1974

As we discussed in our meeting together a few weeks ago, I sent

press announcements to a selected media list for the May ll.

I did not, as we agreed, send announcements to the television

press nor did I send any to what was formerly known as "women's news“
at the papers. I did sent one announcement to the What's New In
Learning series which is on CBS radio every week—end and which

covers education news and trends.

In addition to the CBS radio outlet mentioned above announcements
went to the following media people:

New York Times——Marylin Bender; Linda Greenhouse, Marcia Chambers,
Israel Shenker, Laurie Johnson, Gene Maeroff. Also,
special letters to Charlotte Curtis (Op. Ed.);

Arthur Gelb (Metro); and News of thegweek in Review.

New York News——Kathy Larkin, Steve Matthews

New York Post—-Lindsay Miller, City Desk

Associated Press——Caro1e Martin (Education)

United Press Internatinnal——Charlotte Evans (general news-—interested

*in women, education and

Martha Peterson)
Time—-Education Staff with follow up through Sally Button
Nesweek-—Jerry Footlick (with note underliningusacks involvementlil)
Christian Science Monitor-—Mary Kelly (Education “
Washington Post~—Steve Isaacs (New York Office)
U.S. News——Pat Lynch (New York Office)
Saturday Review/World--Jim Cass (education)
Glamour——College Editor Midge Turk.
Mademoiselle——Anne Marie Cunningham (College and Careers)

National Observer—-Barbara Katz (interested in education)

New York——Nora Ephron