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          x"WURKING IDEAS" for Sub-Committee

5’ Women's Conference/ Meeting 9-12-73

Questions still to be answered:

1. who do we expect to come to this conference?
2. What do we hope that they will "go away" with?
3. In-other-words, what is the goal for the conference?

At issue--How elite? How scholarly? what does scholarly mean anyhow?
How much participation from what and whom is desirable? et al

Suggestion re and re and redone. . . .

Morning Session
One or two panels of 3 to 5 women scholars who would present their
own research findings briefly, but who would primarily address them-
selves to the following two questions:
what has been the impact of my research on our understanding
of women? '
What has been the impact of my research on our understanding
of my field, both methodologically and substantively?

(we would select X number of people to invite for the panel members in
this type of set-up and I would go to visit them, clarify with them
and so on:—a1ways keeping in mind the focus on the two questions, not
on their research in isolation)

A really good discussant or moderator would be crucial and could challenge
and channel discussion and questions.

LUNCH Somewhere where we could arrange tables for 8 or so participants and
have pleasant, informal, hopefully stimulating talks emerging from
interests evoked by morning session.

No keynoter. No formal studf.

Afternoon Session

Scholarship and Feminism: Conflict or Compromise would be the general
topic for-a series of small workshops (10-15 people). There would be
a facilitator for the discussion and we could choose each facilitator
to represent course areas, broad discipline, or approaches to feminism
or academia. (we'll discuss this.) Anyhow these facilitators would
meet for several sessions before the conference to get ”rejuiced" and
to pose a guideline for themselves. Issues might be:
Conflict for teachers of Women Studies courses?
Conflicts for women researchers? A
Conservative teachers and radical feminists and visa versa..
we can play around with some ideas and those who wish to be
facilitators will meet to push forth some issues to get
these small workshops going.

Evening Cocktail part .....