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          Angus: 21 . 1973

Me. Donna Stanton
44 Hartting Lane
Eaet Hampton, new York

Dear Dome:

Although your letter did not come quite in time for the August 8th
meeting, I was very glad to receive it. Your ideas are clear and I think
are not at odds with the most general format that seems to have emerged
from that meeting; I'm enclosing the minutes. we have a smalleeubcommittee
working thisllanth. and hopefully by the septmber Sth meeting we will
have a letter drafted for approval by the larger committee which we will
send out announcing the conference and inviting preparation of papers. I
hope you will be able to come to the September 5th meeting because I think
we will be making some decision.

I'm so glad you had e good month in France and hope the rest of the
sumer is going well. We were away for three weeks and hd an exciting
trip to South America, nd are extending our vacation by taking long
weekends in Little Compton, Rhoda Ieled. I hope to see you September 5th.


Jane S. Gould