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NAME: DEPT. (This data is optional; if given, it will be kept confidential.)

This questionnaire is being distributed with the invitation to the meeting on
December 9th as an additional attempt to sound out campus feeling among women faculty on the issue of discrimination against women. The results will be made available to members of the President°s Committee appointed to advise him about the framing of an Affirmative Action Plan for HEW and to the Women“s Affirmative Action Coalition, who are also drafting an Affirmative Action Plan. Unlike the President, the Coalition is reluctant to frame such a plan without consulting the constituency concerned, as HEW recommends those responsible for submitting Affirmative Action Plans should do. Please feel free to amend the statements below as you see fit and to make more extensive comments on the back. we also
welcome your help, practical and financial.

1. Are you aware of any cases of discrimination against women faculty during
the last five years (e.g. unequal pay; slower rates of promotion than male
faculty of comparable qualifications; refusal to hire; refusal to hire in
certain divisions; refusal to hire full—time; hiring below rank and salary
indicated by academic qualifications etc.)

YES NO DON'T KNOW (circle one; circle type of discrimination if
one of those cited is applicable.)

2. Are you aware of any current cases of women faculty who are being discriminated

3. To your knowledge, have women faculty denied tenure during the last 5 years
a) deserved tenure on academic grounds? YES NO DON'T KNOW
b) deserved tenure on the basis of teachin g ability? YES NO DON'T KNOW
c) been as worthy of tenure as men granted tenure in the same department
during the same period? YES NO DON'T KNOW If NO, were the women
better or less qualified than the men retained?

4. What reasons have been given, to your knowledge, for not giving tenure to
women denied tenure in the last five years?

5. To your knowledge, are there women now employed in part—time teaching positions who are qualified to teach full—time, who wish to teach full—time but who have been passed over for available openings that were given instead to men?


6. Do you know of women with part-time teaching positions who have teaching loads as heavy as or heavier than those of men in the same department with full—time positions? (This has been asserted, for example, about some of the women responsible for basic language instruction in several departments.)

7. In your opinion, should standard procedures be established for maternity

YES NO (present ad hoc arrangements satisfactory) DON'T KNOW

Columbia University does not have a nepotism rule, but it has asserted nevertheless that a de facto, if not dejure nepotism rule operates in some
departments. Are you aware of any cases of wives being denied positions (or denied full-time positions or any other limitations) because their husband was already employed by the university?

Completion of this questionnaire does not and will not be taken as indicating
support for the Women°s Affirmative Lotion Coalition or Columbia Women°s Liberation.
Completed forms should be sent to Amy Hackett (History Dept., Hamilton) or Myra Riskin (English Dept. Hamilton), or brought to the Dec. 9 meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.