Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Allan Farnsworth, December 28, 1971, page 1

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928 Decmher 1971 g_;


Professor Alla Farnsworth
8 E 7 Law School

Dear Professor Farnsworth:

This is to confirm the arranements for the peel on Male Chavinism at
Columbia on January llth, Tuesday, at 8:00 p.m., in the Bernard gym.

The panelists are to be: Den George K. Fraenkel, ?rofessor Eli Ginzberg,
Professor Loren R. Graham, Professor Menelaos Hassialis, Professor Clive
Kesaler, President willim J. Mccill, Professor Seymour Melmen, and you.

Drinks and coffee will be available from 7:30 on in the Women's Center,

101 Barnard Hall. I thought it would be good if we talked together first.
The panel itself will have two moderators, both women, one who is not

a emeber of the Colubia community (Professor Elaine Showalter, Douglass
Colles0): and one who has been a member of the Columbia community (Professor
Ann Harris, no of Hunter College). We wished to have two moderators, not
only because of the size of the panel, but also because we wished to strike
a bilance between an outsider d on who to familiar with Columbia.

The format will be: 1 - introduction of panel and moderators by me; 2 — a
brief (five minute) talk by each panelist on the meain of the term "male
cheuvinism" in general and in relation to Columbia; I propose that the
orfler of speakers be: Professor Kessler. Professor Hassialis, Professor
Fsrusworth, Professor Melma, Professor Ginzberg, Professor Graham, Dean
Fraenkel, and ?resident Mccill. However, this is open to change, and we
can if you wish, make the final list just before the panel stetts; 3 - dis-

_cussion anog the paelists and questions from the floor.

After the panel we would be delighted if you and a guest would stay for
drinks at Barnard. we will tell you exactly where later.

The panel is being give for the benfit of the Barnard ?awyers' Committee,

.and e $1 contribution will be sought from memers of the audience.

we are delighted that you are going to be with us.
accepting the invitation and agreeing to join us.

Thank you again for


Catherine R. stimpson

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