Letter from Barbara Hertz to Jeanne Lowe, October 27, 1971

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October 27, 1971
 Miss Jeanne Lowe
 333 East. 69 Street
 New York, New York 10021
 Dear Miss Lowe:
 Here is your copy of the Women's Center brochure I promised to send.
 Thanks for for being so helpful on the phone this morning. I will indeed sound out Stephen White at Sloane and will let you know if anything positive happens. As you say, we have a lot of educating to do in the big Foundations! 
 (Mrs.) Barbara V. Hertz
 Director of Development 
 bc: Mary Scotti — This gal came to Jane Gould last year when
 she was doing some free lance work on
 women in the professions for the Sloan
 Foundation. I called her for a contact at Sloan. Do put her on your list.