Letter from Mary Wexford Scotti to Juliet Mitchell, December 1, 1971

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1 December 1971
 Juliet Mitchell
 4 Cardozo Road,
 London, N. 7,
 Dear Ms .. Mitchell:
 ‘thank you for your letter suggesting January 4th as
 a speaking data for Barnard College. Since this is
 the day after students arrive: back at school after
 the Christmas holiday, and since many students return
 late, it would be very difficult to publicize your
 talk well or ta get a good audience. ‘
 However, we do have a date open for the Thursday
 Noon Meeting Series on January 6th. This is the
 series I described to you in my second letter which
 you have probably received since you mom to us.
 It is an informal talk with opportunity given for
 questions and discussion after the talk. There is
 some difficulty with this data an I can hole! in for
 only a week. I would appreciate it if you would
 let us know as soon as you can if ‘yen would be able
 to speak Thursday, January 6th, at man.
 If you can speak at the Thursday Noon Meeting, then
 we can arrange to cosponsor your talk which will
 allow us to offer you a speaking fee of $100, as I
 described in my last letter to you.
 Hoping to hear from you soon,
 Mary Wexford Scotti
 Administrative Coordinator