Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Juliet Mitchell, November 22, 1971

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22 fiovelblr 1971

xi. Juliet iutchell mcatdouo Road, B01]-my, I3. 7; London, England

hen: til. lutehellx

I an writing to you again &eut the possibility of your coming to speak at Barnard College. at the tin: of my first writing I indicated that the we-an‘: cuter‘ an sponsoring

3 action of upturn and speaks: on women and society, and that our usual apeah:n' he is $25. It we «cut possible that a talk given by you could be ca-upoasarod by the nmraéay Roan meeting Committee, which would raid: the total speakers‘ ice to $100.

11:: than-tday noon amazing is an internal talk by visiting speaker: to Barnard. given. appropriately, on tflaursdayu at noon dating the acadc-la year. Please let us laws if you would be intcrutad in this arrangement.


Catharine B. Stinpuon Acting Director