Letter from Juliet Mitchell, 1971

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4, Cardozo Road,
 Holloway, N. 7
 London, England
 Dear Madam/Sir,
 I am planning to visit the United States for about a month
 from the middle of December 1971—January 1972 for the publication
 of my book, Woman's Estate (Pantheon Books) in early January. I
 am interested in the possibility of offering a lecture at your
 college on some occasion during my stay.
 I am an English Literature graduate (and post-graduate) from
 Oxford and have held posts of Lecturer in English at Leeds University
 and Reading University (1962—1970). I recently left full~time
 academic teaching for free—lance lecturing and writing. I have
 delivered lectures at a large number of universities in England,
 Scandinavia, the U. S. A. and Canada.
 Apart from a number of short literary studies on novelists
 (William Golding, George Meredith, Henry James etc.), I have written
 reviews and articles in a range of periodicals, on various aspects of
 the position of women. The most important of these is a widely
 translated and reprinted pamphlet (originally an article for New Left
 Review, Nov. 1966) entitled: "Women: The Longest Revolution" and a
 book woman's Estate, Penguin 1971. I am currently working on a book for
 Pantheon Books on women, the family and psychology (with special” 1
 reference to Freud, the relevent post-freudians, Wilhelm Reich, and
 Re Do Laingo).
 I would be interested in speaking on any topic within the
 following areas: women and psychology; Women and Marxism; general
 reflections on the women's Movement.
 I would request your usual fee for such a lecture and travelling
 expenses (if any) from New York City.
 Yours faithfully,
 Juliet Mitchell.
 Please send. your reply to show address.