Notes regarding the Thursday Noon Lecture Series, 1971-1972

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 Thoughts about the Thursday Noon lecture series. There should be an underlying rationale in the speakers we get. I think it may be this -- we are trying to have people address the great, underlying issues of New Feminism. Among them:
 1. Condition of non-middle-class women, e.g. in prisons, on welfare. Thus, the ex-prisoners; thus our attempts to get Beulah Sanders, President of NWRC.
 2. Nexus of money and sex -- ways in which women either can or must sell sex, for lack of other accepable commodity. E.g. prostitutes. 
 3. New definitions of sexuality and sexual expression.
 Thus, Marcia Storch, who does abortions--what happens about women's control of own bodies. WE MUST ALSO get someone prominent in homosexual liberation -- I'll try for this.
 Onwards and upwards.